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A social experiment conducted over 3 weeks on the island of Kodiak, Alaska. Chosen for its remote location, diverse weather conditions and a tight nit community of hard working individuals to demonstrate the effectiveness of a prescription strength lotion.

The Case Study

Sketch / Product Distribution Footprint 


We asked one person to try it and if it worked, prescribe it on to people in her life. With each new person, a digital footprint of the product journey grew along with skin swatches, each linked to a mini (skin centric) documentary supporting how life on Kodiak requires serious protection to care for tough skin.

Website / Product Journey / Skin Swatch To Skin Story

Documentary Web Films / Taking Care Of Tough Skin
Leif Gerlitz attempts his first solo buoy swing. 

Getting it done by hand, the old fashioned way.

Nick kicks his mum in the head three times.

62 hours in a liferaft.

Wes Whipple takes care of his hands.

Not kidding a bit!

He doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Elinor and Margot talk dry skin, sing and dance?

A day on the shooting range with the Kodiak law.

Not a threat to your manhood.

Sam uses Clinical Therapy on Zippys' chestnuts.

What to do if you see a bear.

Man-handling thousands of salmon with Gary Byrne.

Just like  when they were young.