Beverage Launch Campaign

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Vitaminwater10, a new, all natural, 10 calorie vitamin water competes with the provider of the world’s water supply – a company helmed by Mother Nature and a unique staff of creatures great and small. We observe Boss’s various states of despair as her minions fail to respond to the Vitaminwater launch and its inherent threat to their market domination.

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In the digital space people experience life as a Water Incorporated employee via Water Incorporated intranet, art directed to reflect a stuffy old school corporate space. Staff announcements and interviews were produced with Water Incorporated’s primitive production values in mind.

We directed this improv series of films on the fly grabbing members of the cast between takes. For mobile we created a simple app that we called the animal translator, it does what it says.

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 Staff Orientation Video

Staff Announcement Video

 Staff Staff Interview - Phil Loeb

 Staff Inteview - Bill Lipson

 Staff Inteview - Kent Masters

Staff Inteview - Ned Spector

Staff Inteview - Dan Tucker